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Concept Coverage

  1. Institutions indexed: 87
    1. CTSA institutions: 32
  2. Research networking systems queried: 73
    1. SPARQL endpoints queried: 9
    2. Sites crawled: 64
  3. Total person URIs: 3640270
    1. Unique individuals profiled: 174735 - 421722
  4. Total publications by those persons indexed as part of their profile: 7665371
  5. Total co-author pairs (two people on the same paper): 49011492
  6. The harvesting times listed below are the times required to interrogate the respective SPARQL endpoints or crawl the respective servers and cache the results locally at Iowa.

Complete Site List

Currently Harvested Sites (CTSAs in bold)PlatformHarvesting
American Psychological Association (APA)VIVO10:25:55
Baylor College of MedicineProfiles156:42:00
Boise State UniversityVIVO00:14:03
Boston UniversityProfiles69:37:26
Brown UniversityVIVO08:31:57
Colegio Postgraduados en Ciencias AgricolasVIVO06:02:50
Connect UNACVOVIVO10:31:15
Cornell UniversityVIVO01:03:55
Dartmouth CollegeProfiles43:17:44
Deep Carbon Observatory, Digital Object RegistryVIVO00:00:40
Delaware CTRVIVO00:41:33
Duke UniversityVIVO00:19:22
East Carolina UniversityVIVO05:11:10
Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern UniversityLatticeGrid00:16:49
FuRheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat BonnVIVO00:00:37
Fundação Getulio VargasVIVO
George Washington UniversityVIVO28:36:49
Griffith UniversityVIVO61:00:39
Harvard UniversityProfiles326:36:01
Idaho State UniversityVIVO00:01:07
Indiana UniversitySciVal Experts and VIVO00:14:00
Medical College of WisconsinFCD00:01:37
Medical University of South CarolinaProfiles89:03:50
Montana State UniversityVIVO00:00:23
New Mexico State UniversityVIVO00:03:42
Northwestern UniversitySciVal Experts and VIVO01:18:38
Oklahoma UniversityVIVO03:29:05
Oregon Health & Science UniversityElsevier Pure00:00:01
Penn State UniversityProfiles66:37:09
Ponce School of Medicine & Health SciencesVIVO01:34:07
Scripps Research InstituteVIVO60:57:56
Stanford UniversityCAP00:36:28
State University of New York - REACH (Stony Brook University, SUNY College of Optometry, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, University at Buffalo, Upstate Medical University)VIVO00:00:53
Stony Brook MedicineVIVO00:00:11
Technische Universitat EindovenVIVO04:27:12
Texas A&M UniversityVIVO00:01:50
Tufts UniversityProfiles23:11:11
U.S. Dept. of AgricultureVIVO00:00:02
University of Alaska - AnchorageVIVO00:00:45
University of Alaska, FairbanksVIVO00:00:24
University of California, DavisElsevier Pure00:00:01
University of California, San DiegoProfiles121:01:02
University of California, San FranciscoProfiles110:57:00
University of ChicagoProfiles51:07:56
University of ColoradoVIVO04:11:24
University of Colorado - DenverProfiles86:55:55
University of Colorado Colorado SpringsVIVO
University of FloridaVIVO00:00:00
University of HawaiiVIVO00:00:08
University of IdahoVIVO00:01:19
University of IowaLoki00:00:00
University of KentuckyProfiles00:00:01
University of Maryland - Baltimore CountyVIVO02:11:28
University of MassachusettsProfiles64:56:29
University of MelbourneVIVO66:49:13
University of MichiganElsevier Pure00:00:01
University of MinnesotaElsevier Pure00:03:31
University of MontanaVIVO00:00:20
University of Nebraska - LincolnVIVO00:00:20
University of Nevada, Las VegasVIVO00:25:28
University of Nevada, RenoVIVO00:15:35
University of New MexicoVIVO11:07:19
University of PennsylvaniaVIVO00:03:27
University of Puerto RicoVIVO00:02:00
University of RochesterProfiles57:51:42
University of Southern CaliforniaProfiles75:55:33
University of WyomingVIVO00:02:42
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityVIVO01:23:13
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityVIVO02:07:50
Wake Forest UniversityProfiles56:59:45
Washington UniversityVIVO00:00:01
Weill Cornell Medical CollegeVIVO292:12:01
Note: sites in italics are currently harvested by means other than SPARQL queries on LOD.

Indexed Content

  1. Persons and their associated properties (name, research statement, etc.)
  2. Academic Articles for each person with associated properties. Where DOIs or PMIDs exist additional information is added from MEDLINE, including
    1. Abstract
    2. Keywords
    3. MeSH terms
    4. Chemicals
    5. Genes
    We currently use pmid2doi data from from and to crosswalk DOIs to PMIDs.

We harvest linked open data through SPARQL endpoints using queries based on the VIVO ontology. If you would like to participate, contact Dave Eichmann with details on how to access your SPARQL endpoint.