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Search for Investigators (and other stuff) at Multiple Institutions

All Research Networking pages
CTSA Consortium web sites (including C4)

This is a demonstration of targeted web search using three instances of Google's custom search engine interface. The first ("People") is a comparison to direct2experts by using the direct2experts site URLs as host inclusion patterns, with non-person URLs filtered out from the results. Note that this filtering is not (yet) perfect - there are a large number of URL patterns across the various platforms.

The second ("All Research Networking pages") supports viewing what Google returns for the host inclusion patterns with no filtering of results.

The third ("CTSA Consortium web sites (including C4)") supports searching based upon the web sites listed in the consortium membership list at CTSACentral (including CTSACentral itself).

Note! This is running on the free CSE interface, and is hence limited to 100 searches per day. If it stops feeding you results, come back tomorrow!